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The good news, I got some new road bike tires. And they were on sale.

The bad news, I read the online reviews after I mounted them and about an hour before my maiden voyage.

Okay fine, so not all the reviews were like the above. Only about a third. The other two thirds were glowing.

But when the bad reviews are about catastrophic failure?

And all I’m riding lately is roughly-paved climbs with steep descents?

And it’s the first time I’ve strayed from my favorite tires in a decade?

After my first ride, the tires feel great. I love them.

I’ve decided to not give in to the paranoia and proceed with caution.

Regarding my decision:

STRENGTHS:  I get to ride my bike and don’t have to deal with the headache of trying to return stuff.

WEAKNESSES:  I could end up in the E.R. again due to a horrendous blowout.

BOTTOM LINE:  I’m gonna give them a few months, bail on them and beg my beloved Michelin Pro Race tires to take me back.

Wish me luck.

- Brian

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