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It’s Sisymbrium altissimum.

Regarding this post, apologies to those not living in California. While educational, it may not be all that relevant.

We’ve had a miserable winter here. Well not really, relative to other, harsher climes. I went to Helsinki the week before last and the lakes were still frozen and the ground still icy and covered with snow. But I digress.

From out of the cold, from nowhere, this Saturday’s morning ride was all aglow and very Southern Californian (ie. roasting effin’ hot and 92 degrees by 11am).

It’s April in the Valley - as it is everywhere else - and our many, many, really, many winter rain storms have led to hills that are iridescent with Sisymbrium altissimum (Mustard Grass to the natives).

Yellow, long-stemmed and absolutely everywhere.

A weed by any other name.

The lovely, glowing result of rain, cold, rain, cold and then bright sun.

It looked for all the world that the hills couldn’t contain their happiness and exploded with glee.

But be careful. The fair-skinned and bare-limbed among us will testify to the more insidious side of the Sisymbrium altissimum. As hot as embrocation on yer giblets, this baby burns.

One ‘thwack’ on your arms and you will be burning all the way to the shower.

Holy wasabi.

So like all great beauties. Enjoy at arms length.

Brought to you by the 18milesperhour,

cyclicum botanicum.

- Rhys

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