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As a lover of all things time-tested and sensible (note the steel frame and leather saddle) I’ve been wanting to try one of these for ages. It’s already made my life more wonderful.

It’s the Bicycle Tool Roll from GodSpede.

18milesperhour reader Emile Kotzke shot it to us all the way from South Africa, where they are made by hand.

Elegant and practical, it holds all the stuff that used to put a huge, embarrassing bulge in my jersey pockets. It takes a load off my back, literally.

One of the main benefits of this roll is one that I haven’t needed to use yet, thankfully: The ease of use when needing to change a tire or fix a mechanical.

Instead of ripping off all kinds of Velcro straps and dumping your tools and tubes all over the roadside – which I had to do recently when I flatted on a wet ride – you undo one strap and roll it out on the ground. It neatly presents all that you need to handle the task at hand. Much more dignified than the roadside yard sale and chorus of swear words I presented to the public on that sopping ride. 

And certainly not least, I love the construction. This thing is hand made and it shows. You see the hand-sewn deliciousness in details like the stitching on the strap up there. Rad. Lovely. And that burly stitching ain’t going anywhere soon. I’ll be handing this tool roll down to my Grandson or Grandaughter, God willing.

Rhys will get a chance to try this thing out soon and I’ll be sad to pass it on. Until then, it’s made my rides better and my bike cooler.

Thanks so much Emile.

Check out his bike shop – Starling and Hero - where he brings old, cool bikes back to life. They’re also opening up a bike-friendly café. Good stuff. 

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